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BMW Z4 E89 Cup holder model 3 (Inside EU)

DKK 270.00

***international shipping (6-9 days)***

Note: The cigarette socket is not included in the price, but it uses what is already in your ashtray if you have the smoker pack in your car and you can fit it in this cupholder.

It is an alternative solution to the others out there but placed in the center console and looks like it is from a BMW factory.

It fits regular Soda cans 33cl./12oz, and the slot near the driver can have a 50cl. It covers up in front of the radio and be close to the shifter if you drive the manual. Still the best solution out there.

The cup holder slots are 68mm/2.6” in diameter to fit cans and bottles. And 37mm/1.4” deep. The cans will never tip in this.

Mounting in just 5 minutes will fit models with both the ashtray and the coin tray. It would be best if you have a Torc 10-bit/screwdriver. Please take a look at the mounting video.

BMW Z4 Mods https://youtu.be/m7XNth61FfI
SimpleCarGuy https://youtu.be/YlCjoGEMnZo

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